Welcome to the Skatelands of America Adult Night Page!

What is Adult Night?

Adult Night is first and foremost an opportunity for adults to come roller skate without any kinds around.  You don’t have to worry about any teenagers, rogue toddlers with skate trainers cutting in front of you (as much as we police this, kids can be unpredictable!), and you don’t have to listen to why we don’t talk about Bruno for the 1000th time.  Now don’t get me wrong, we play pretty good music through most of our sessions, but we do have to cater to everyone.  For Adult Night however, we cater to ONLY grown ups.  That means we play what the adults want to hear and skate to.  We play mostly older songs (you know, the songs you grew up skating to) and we throw in some new ones.  Lastly, anything goes which means our music is unfiltered and uncensored.  So whether you are relatively new to skating or a seasoned jam skater, everyone 18 and older is welcome to come roll with us!

Adult Night is 18 and Older Only

NO ALCOHOL is allowed!

Why No Alcohol?

As much as alcohol plays a typical role in adult social gatherings, it is not a welcome role when roller skating is involved.  Safety is the #1 priority at Skatelands of America and because alcohol impairs one’s ability to perform basic motor functions such as standing or walking, it is probably not a good idea to strap wheels to your feet.  You may not only injure yourself, you could also injure others around you.  Granted, this can happen even if you are sober, consumption of alcohol greatly increases these risks.  Even if you are not skating, you need to save the drinking for another place and time.

Schedule and Pricing

  • We try to have Adult Night once a month (sometimes holidays get in the way)
  • It’s always a Saturday evening from 10pm – 12am
  • Admission is $10 per person and includes regular skate rental