birthday parties

We always allow birthday parties to come in the facility before the general public. Birthday parties will not be allowed to enter more than 5-10 minutes before their scheduled time. This includes private parties.  Often times we have another group that has just left and we need time to properly clean and disinfect the facility before letting another group in.

You are allowed to bring ONE birthday cake and/or container of cupcakes, table cloth, balloon bouquet with anchors, place settings and serving items, and goody bags for guests ONLY if you distribute them at the end of the party. Free standing table decorations are fine as long as it is NOT confetti or glitter. Use of confetti or glitter will result in an additional charge.

We do not have party rooms.  Our snack bar is an open space and you get a large 12 foot table.  We believe that our setup provides the following advantages over party rooms.

  • You get more space to move around.  Your kids won’t be cramped into a tiny space with no room to move. Plus adults can move around the table without feeling restricted on space.  This also allows you to have room for more party guests if you go over your 10 skaters.
  • You get more time at your table.  Often times, venues only let you use a party room for 30 minutes to an hour.  At our venue you get your table for the entire time we are open.
  • Easy access/view of the skate floor.  You can easily stay at your table and view all of your party goers without walls blocking your view.  The skate floor is just a few steps away from your table!

You will not be charged for non skaters, however, for basic parties, please limit the number of non skaters.  We have limited seating and we want to make sure we have plenty of seating available for paying customers.  We understand there may be grandparents or other adults attending kid’s parties but please understand that we have other paying customers who will need some space as well.

For the Basic Party Package and Saturday Night Party Package, you cannot bring any food besides a birthday cake or cupcakes.  We do have food options available to add to your package when you book your party.

Private Party Packages can bring in outside food or drink.

Ice cream cannot be brought in for birthday parties during a public skate session (Basic Birthday Package or Saturday Night Party Package). If you would like to bring ice cream for a Private Birthday Party, you must bring it in an ice chest.  We do not have freezer space so the ice cream must be in a cooler.

Yes, you may as long as they are free of dirt and debris and have proper working toe stops, plugs, or brakes without any metal showing.  Skates must be inspected by staff before use. Skaters with their own skates will still count in the total skater count for the birthday party unless paid separately.

You must purchase a birthday party package to bring in any birthday items (cake, presents, etc.). We strongly encourage a reservation but if space allows we will be happy to accommodate a last minute birthday party. There will be an additional $25 charge added to your bill if we can accommodate your party.

These items are not included in the birthday package and can either be added to your party tab at the party hosts’ discretion or paid for individually by the guest requesting the rental item.

For Private Birthday Parties, trainers may be provided at no extra charge by the discretion of the staff.   If trainers are abused or misused in anyway, the user will no longer be allowed to use them.

Candles are allowed; however, we strongly suggest using an individual cupcake or a small piece of cake to light the candle on instead of the whole cake. This is to help prevent the spread of germs.

In order to reserve a table,  you must purchase a birthday party package.  Otherwise the tables are first come first serve. You may also not bring in party items (decor, presents, cake, etc.) without purchasing a birthday party package.

We do our best to keep the base package affordable and we pride ourselves on being the best birthday value in Texoma. The last thing we want to do is raise party prices.  So to keep our base party package price as affordable as possible, we charge a little extra for the extra skaters.  Also, our base package is designed for up to 10 skaters and the amount of space you get for your party compliments that number.  We want to encourage people with a basic party to keep their guests in the 10-15 range for everyone’s comfort.  Also, if you compare our extra guest charge to our closest competitor, you will find that our extra guest charge is at least $3 less per guest!

In our 35+ years of hosting birthday parties, the more cake you have, the bigger the mess.  With more excessive cake, the risk of cake and frosting getting in the carpet increases so we charge an extra $15.  We shampoo our carpets fairly frequently because dirty carpets also mean dirty skates, not to mention it creates a place for mold and bacteria to grow.  We clean our carpets every couple months but if excessive cake messes become an issue, sometimes we have to do it more frequently.  So please bring an appropriate amount of cake for your guests and help keep our rink clean for everyone’s enjoyment!  This will also help save you money by not buying too much cake and not having to take any extra cake home!


We do not allow anyone to bring in any outside food or drink.

You may bring your own skates in as long as they are approved by the staff. They must be traditional roller skates or inline skates, free of dirt or debris, and have a working top stop, plugs, or brake without metal showing. Beginning September 1st, 2023, there is $1 discount for bringing approved skates.

There is no extra charge for regular quad skate rental. It is included in the admission price. There is an extra charge for roller blades or speed skates.

Drinks range from $1.50-$2.50

Snow Cones: $2.00-$2.50

Packaged foods such as chips and candy bars range from $1.50-$2.50

Pickles: $1.50

Hot dog: $3.25 | Nachos: $3.75. |  **Lg Pizza Slice:  $3.00 or 2 for $5.00 |  *Popcorn. $2.50-$4.00

Meal Combos of the above items range from $5.50 – $6.75

*Not available every session

**limited availability

Cash or card (we accept Apple Pay and other Tap payments). There will be a 2.8% charge for using card or Tap payments and there is a minimum of a $1 charge.

Parents do not have to pay admission to skate as long as they are accompanying children who are skating.  This policy may vary for special events.

We do sell skates! We sell high-quality skates which we provide a lifetime of free service on. We don’t carry many skates in stock, but we have a catalog you can order skates from.  Please check our Pro Shop Page for current stock.

Yes, you must pay the admission fee unless you are a parent chaperone.

We have regular quad skates, roller blades or inline skates, and speed skates. We also have adjustable skates for little ones to use. The adjustable skates go up to a size Junior 12 and MUST be worn with shoes. Quad skates are Jr 8 – Men’s 15. Speed skates are Jr 13 – Men’s 14. Roller blades are Size 1 – Men’s 13.  You must wear socks when wearing our skates.  We do have socks available for sale.

Anyone who skates has to pay the regular admission fee.  In addition, ALL children must pay the admission fee for night sessions whether or not they skate, even if parents are present.