Introducing the SK8R SAVR CARD!

Available Now!

A new way to pay for admission, rentals, and snacks and save 10%-25% every time you use it!  Learn how below!

No need to register your card online anymore!  We have converted to a new point of sale system that allows us to store your card information in case you lose it.  If we haven’t added a new QR code sticker to you card, then you are not in our new system.  Next time you use or load it, we will add that sticker and transfer your balance over to the new system.

about the SK8R SAVR card

It is a reloadable card that can be used to purchase admission, rentals, snacks, and pro shop items in the skating rink.  You can reload the card at the front window anytime during public skate times.

Every time you pay with the SK8R SAVR card, you get a discount of at least 10%  that you would not get if you paid cash, credit/debit, or any digital payment.

  • Get $10 credit FREE when you load $50 on your card the first time.*
  • $1 off all admission prices everytime
  • $1 off speed skate, inline skate, or skate trainer rentals
  • 10% off snack bar purchases
  • 10% off pro shop (laces, wheels, toe stops) and novelty (glow and light ups) purchases.
  • No minimum purchase requirements!  Credit/debit cards all have a $4 minimum purchase requirement.
  • Exclusive discounts for special events as they are announced.

The cost of the card is $5 + a minimum of $25 to put on the card.  You MUST load at least $20 on it each time you load it.  The maximum you can load it at one time is $200.  If you use a cash payment to load it with $50, you will get $10 extra credit for free.

When you purchase your card, you can and SHOULD register the card on this page (link above).  The card will NOT have your name on it so we strongly recommend writing your name on it with a permanent marker as well.  Once you register the card, the card will be attached to your name (and if applicable, your child’s name if it is their card).  If you lose it, we can look up your card number and transfer your balance over to a new card and zero out the old one.   There will be a $10 fee for a new card and balance transfer.  You (or parents) may have to provide an id to confirm identity and ownership of the card to prevent potential unauthorized use.

No.  The card must be present for all purchases.  We will not look up your card information for payment.  The card registration is strictly for if you lose your card, to identify owners of lost and found cards, or if we need to communicate important information to card holders.

The card will never expire as long as we keep using the same point of sale system.  We currently have no plans of changing systems, but if we do, we will contact all registered card users (via registered email) and let them know the last day the card can be used.  However, this is unlikely to happen anytime soon.  If we do change systems, we will do our best to find a replacement card that works with a new system.

No we will not except SK8R SAVR for birthday parties or deposits.  It is exclusively for admission, rentals, snacks, and pro shop purchases.